Mar 31, 2008

Chris + Jenn

Meet Chris and Jenn.

I met Jenn a few months back when we met at Starbucks (LOVE that place!) to talk about their wedding plans. They plan to marry in August '08 and wanted me to photograph their wedding.

Meeting Jenn was wonderful! She's so easy-going, yet has everything thought out. She's amazing!

This last weekend we had their engagement photo shoot and I was able to meet Chris for the first time. WOW!!! It's obvious Jenn & Chris are in love. They were so incredibly relaxed with one another and were extremely fun to photograph. And... (I LOVED this!!!)... prior to the shoot, Jenn told me that I could do whatever I wanted with their shoot. Yes, free-reign! I was thrilled!

This is my absolute favorite shot from the day...

Jenn, you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Their wedding will be held here, in the Sunrise Theater in Southern Pines, so we wanted to get some shots of them in front of the theater.

I loved her red heels...

It's obvious Chris adores her...

This is so sweet...

Now I'm even more excited to photograph these two on their wedding day!


Mar 30, 2008

Andra, Eden, Samuel + Christian

It was so nice to get to meet Andra and her 3 children, Eden, Samuel and Christian.

Christian is such a cutie!

Eden and Samuel have such a sweet relationship. They were so fun to photograph together.

Eden has fantastic eyes!

And their mom is gorgeous!

Thanks for the fun day!


Mar 22, 2008

Randy + Sarah

This Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing two people (and their kids) who are very dear to us... Our pastor, Randy, and his wife Sarah. When we first moved to NC 3+ years ago, we searched and searched for the 'right' church for our family. 3 months later, we walked into Grace Church and instantly knew this was the place for us! We LOVE it there!

I think Randy and Sarah both feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera (I've been trying to take their photos for over 2 years now!), but since I was in charge, I just had fun with them. Here's some photos from the shoot...

Aren't they just adorable?

Here's Jonathan, their youngest...

And Ashley...

I LOVE this one of Alison! She's got GREAT eyes!

And you may remember Rebekah from an earlier photo shoot...

It was the funniest thing... I had Ashley climb up this tree and lay down on the branch for some photos, which was no problem for her at all. Then we decided to get Rebekah up there, too. Oh, it was SO FUNNY! Rebekah was so scared... She kept saying something like, "Help me Jesus! Help me Jesus!" At least she knew who to turn to!

Such a pleasure! Let me know when you need more photos!


Mar 21, 2008

Rebekah, Ethan, Madison, Colin + Morgan

Meet Rebekah, the next supermodel! BEAUTIFUL!

Hard to believe she's only 10.

And then there's Ethan. He's got those big, beautiful brown eyes. What a handsome guy, and very well mannered, too! I love this photo of him! (He's 9.)

Madison is the middle child, out of the five. She's 8 and has big (REALLY big), beautiful blond hair with those striking blue eyes. And, oh... what a sweetie!

Colin is 5 and he's a hoot!

When I saw this mail box, I knew I just HAD to stick him up there!

Sally, their mom, sure has her hands full, but it's clear she's doing a great job! She hadn't planned on being in the photos, but when I saw how cute she looked walking her kids down the tracks, with her bright orange shirt & their blues & browns, I just HAD to take her photo. I love this shot...

Thanks for a fun day!