Apr 30, 2008


Cooper & I have been talking about having an "official" photo shoot for a few months now, and of course, Grammy has been hounding us for more photos of her grandkids! So yesterday, we went out and bought a few new shirts, and then today, after I picked him up from school, we headed out for our "official" shoot. We had a blast!

I first met Cooper when he was in preschool. Shortly thereafter, I married his dad, and we've been a family ever since. We've given Cooper a KA-ZILLION nicknames because... 1. he's good at SO MANY things and 2. he loves having them! Here's just a FEW of his many nicknames... Coop, Coopie, The Coopster, Hoopster Coopster, Kung-Fu Cooper, Seven Slim, Big C, The Coopstinator... oh, I could go on & on. Cooper is an amazing boy and I am SO PROUD of him! He's funny, extremely bright, out-going and kind. Isn't he absolutely adorable with his amazing light-blue eyes and his HSM (High School Musical) hair?

Oooohh! What a cutie! Looking good, Coop!

Apr 25, 2008

Bailey, Connor + London

I'd like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful friend Dan!!! THANK YOU!!! If Dan had not helped me out, my BLOG would not look nearly as nice. Dan, you're a computer wiz!

I've photographed Dan, his wife Donna, and their 4 children several times and it's been so much fun every time! They are the sweetest family!!! Today I had the joy of photographing three of their four children and here are some of the photos...

If you've looked through my FAMILY portfolio on my website, then you've seen Bailey. She has these amazingly large blue eyes and she loves being photographed! Not only that, but she's also incredibly sweet! I LOVE photographing her!

Then there's Connor. He was very excited to be photographed and had lots of photo ideas to share with me. He's so much fun!

And his eyes are INCREDIBLY blue!

Before I left, he remembered that he had his skateboard in the car, so we took a few shots while he showed me all his tricks...

Then there's London. I love her little glasses, and her black mary-janes that her mom says she wants to wear EVERY day. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

I had such a fun time and I can't wait to photograph your family again!

Apr 24, 2008

Hannah + Hayden

I first met Hannah a few years ago on a photo shoot. I loved her photos so much that I ended up using one of hers on my business card. Today was my third time photographing this little cutie, and my second time photographing her family. Isn't she just adorable?!!

Look at that dip! I LOVE it!

Justin + Charlotte have this special way of swinging their kids... I wasn't quite ready for what was about to happen.... It was AWESOME!!! I definetly have to try this move @ home with our boys! They each take an arm and a leg and then...


Hayden didn't really want to be photographed... until I started photographing Mom + Dad. THEN, he wanted in the action! THEN, we couldn't keep him OUT of the photo! It was so funny!

And when it was time for me to go, little Hannah (4 & a half) hugged my leg and said, "Miss Tina, I don't want you to leave." Oooohhhh! Is it any wonder why I adore her?

Thanks for the fun morning!


Apr 21, 2008

Houston + His Jacket

We've been having such wonderful weather here! I love it! Makes me want to go on outdoor adventures daily with my boys.

Today, Houston wore his new jacket from Grammy & let me tell you... he LOVES it! He loves to zip it, un-zip it, and put his hands in those wonderful pockets. I usually just like to BLOG business, not family, but my mom (AKA Grammy) has been threatening to write comments on my BLOG like, "I like your photos, but WHERE ARE PICTURES OF MY GRANDKIDS?... MY ADORABLE GRANDBOYS?" (Fortunately for me, she's not the best with computers and not sure how to send a BLOG comment, but she IS persistent, so I know the day will come.) So here's a few for you, Mom...

Thanks for the jacket, Grammy! Oh, and Cooper said he wants one like it, too.

Apr 19, 2008

Hunter + Morgan

Today was my first time meeting Jeff and Tiffany (WONDERFUL PARENTS!), and their two children Hunter (7) and Morgan (2). When I talked to Tiffany on the phone, she had let me know that her two children were hams in front of the camera and that they loved to kiss + hug + pose! Boy was she right!!! These two were so adorably sweet with each other... It was AWESOME!

When I told Jeff + Tiffany to kiss in the background, Hunter turned around to check it out... CUTE!

What a cute little guy...

And Morgan has those HUGE, beautiful eyes!!! She is just adorable!!!

Hunter was such a good, caring big brother to little Morgan...

But Morgan just wanted to show us how fast she could run...

So we headed to a nearby field for some more running...

This was the last shot of the hour... Morgan had her eyes set on those slides at the nearby park. I love her determined look!

It was so nice to meet your family!!! What a pleasure!