May 20, 2008

Road Trip

This past weekend, our family drove through 5 states to go to a bike race in New Jersey for Thomas. In addition to our 4 boys, we also brought along one of Thomas' teammates, Timothy.

As is our tradition, we stuck a one dollar bill flapping from the visor for the 1st person to spot a Starbucks. Thomas won the dollar + we got the coffee!

This was our 2nd year going to New Jersey for this race and I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it is for our whole family. Even the 12 hour ride is fun!

The race is called Can-Am U-19 Challenge and it is only for racers 10-18 years old. There were 3 races... a Time Trial, a Criterium and a Circuit Race. There were 21 riders in Thomas' races (13-14 year olds)... He won the Time Trial, came in 3rd in the Crit, and finished 2nd in the Circuit Race, which placed him 2nd overall for the Onmium (all three races). AWESOME!!!

What a FUN weekend!!!

May 19, 2008

Reese + Matthew Again

A few weeks ago I photographed Sommer + her two children, Reese + Matthew. When I put photos up on my BLOG, it's usually soon after (like the night of) the photo shoot if possible, and so usually my BLOG picks are pretty quick decisions. Today, as I was looking through Sommer's photos, I came across some that were not chosen for the BLOG, but now, after seeing them again, I'd like to add these... (The family, of course, gets to have many more photos than just what you see on the BLOG. The BLOG is always just a small sampling.)

If you'd like to know more about my photography package, please visit my website @ . It's really not a package, but a fee for the shoot + then you get to keep a CD with approx. 80 photos on it! Check it out.


May 14, 2008

The Minivan

There are SUV people and there are Minivan people. Personally, I was always a fan of the SUV and over the years, I'm sure I told many people I'd NEVER get a minivan. Well, now I'm eating my words!!!

Yes, it was time to get a different vehicle, so we took our 4 boys car shopping with us. We were in the market for something that seats at least 7, since we have 6 in the family. We studied where the cup holders were, how the seats felt, how easy it was to get in and out, and ALL the extras. So when it came time to vote... (although they knew that Dad + Mom would make the final decision) ... the Town + Country Minivan was chosen by ALL. And now that we have it, we LOVE it even more than we thought we would! I told Jeff, "We should be an advertisement for the car," because on two different days, the whole family has gone outside and just sat in the car for 30-60 minutes just enjoying it. HA! (We never did that in our SUV.)

Today I went outside + took some photos of our new car... (and at certain angles, it looks kind-of sporty, don't you think?) ...


Winston is our 5 year old. He's energetic + fun + extremely sweet! Winston wanted an "official" photo shoot, just like his big brother Cooper, and he even asked, "Mom, can I wear Cooper's tie?"

Win is at that age where he LOVES to make funny faces, and his posed smile is super cheesy! As cheesy as it may be, it's fun to capture some of that, because that's who he is right now. ... And he's a WHOLE LOT of FUN! So let's see that cheese...

Ooohhhh... such a cutie!

May 2, 2008

Baby + His Family

It is such a beautiful evening, so just a few hours ago, my family headed off to the park to play.

While we were there, I met a very sweet couple (Luis and Brenda) and their 2 month old baby boy, Mayan. We got to talking and then a few minutes later, I was clicking away! I couldn't help myself... they were such a sweet family!

This first shot is of my family, but the rest are of that cute couple with the baby...

What a fun evening! It was so nice to meet you + congratulations on your newest little guy.


Reese + Matthew

Meet Matthew (7 mo.) + his sister Reese (2, almost 3). They both are simply adorable! I first met their mom, Sommer, about a week ago while I was out photographing another family. Sommer came up to me and asked, "Are you Tina?... I have a photo shoot scheduled with you next Friday." How funny! It was great to get to meet her + her children ahead of time. Sommer's husband, Rick, ended up having to work, so we just photographed the 3 of them today.

This morning, as Sommer was getting all of her things out of their car, she asked, "Can you hold Matthew?" I thought he might get a little scared... you know, going to someone new, but let me tell you... Matthew is so easy-going and HAPPY! This little guy went right into my arms and smiled the entire time, and continued to smile for most of the photo shoot, that is, when he wasn't finding something to eat!

Oohhh... don't eat the leaf...

Oops! I think he ate it...

As I watched Sommer interact with her children through the lens, I could just tell she was one of those parents who really enjoys playing with her kids and is a WHOLE LOT of FUN!

I love these shots of Sommer + her children...

We have 4 boys, ranging from 13 to 2, and they are all into biking, but I've never seen anyone bike quite like Reese before! She was SO ADORABLE with her purse, her high heels (one of about 4 that she brought) and rather than deciding which necklace to wear, why not just pile them ALL on? Cute!!!

Oh, no... don't eat the rock, little buddy!

Such a fun morning! Thank you!!!