Jun 24, 2008

George + Blaise

I met George + Blaise in Southern Pines for their Engagement Shoot yesterday. Growing up, George's mom always made him dress up for nice occasions + George didn't like it. He really didn't like having to wear a tie. But through the years, George grew to like wearing a tie more + more. On New Year's Eve 2006, George headed off to a piano bar to ring in the New Year. There, he saw Blaise + was able to talk to her a little during the evening.

I'll let them tell the rest of the story in their own words... "Blaise was now chatting with a different, poorly dressed fellow. As the clock struck midnight George looked for Blaise only to find her lips locked with Mr. Casual. But George knew he couldn't let this girl escape that easily. He knew the tie was his only weapon, so as the two kissed in front of him, George gently stroked his tie and whispered "He doesn't have a tie." Success, Blaise immediately came over to George and planted one right on his lonely lips. They were in love. And all because of a tie. These days George receives a new tie from Blaise for every New Year's Eve to commemorate the night they met. And George does his best to dress as though he has some style and class."

So, in hearing this, we knew that we HAD to incorporate a tie into the photo shoot...

And a BIG THANKS to Natalie for letting us use her adorable bike for the shoot...

It was so nice to meet you, Blaise + George! CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement + may you have many fun times + ties in the future.

Jun 22, 2008

Baby Brady

Our good friends, Derek + Allyn, welcomed little Brady into the world just 4 days ago. I went over to the hospital + took a few shots earlier, + then today I headed over to their home to take some more photos.

I started photographing their family 3 years ago. They were my very first photography customers. (Sorry guys! I know I've learned a lot since then!!!) I've photographed their oldest, Cooper, when he was just a little guy, then Cooper's one year birthday party, then photographed Dalton just a week after he was born, and their entire family a few times since then for Christmas + summer shots. So, walking into their home + seeing my photos line their walls was pretty cool! But the best part of today was seeing this family, who is so dear to me, rejoice over the birth of their third boy, even admist the chaos that sometimes occurs when I show up with a camera. Here are some of the photos from this afternoon...

Now, for those of you a little worried about the above shots, rest assured, the baby was just fine. If you look closely in the first motorcycle shot, you can see Derek's green shirt + part of his sandal. He was ducking down behind the bike holding little Brady safe. Great job, Derek!

Allyn is WONDER WOMAN! (And quite honestly, I'm a little jealous, because being Wonder Woman was always my childhood dream!) She's amazing!!! Allyn was in the hospital for just one day + today was running around + moving furniture like it was nothing!

Great to see you again + CONGRATULATIONS!!! Brady is adorable!


Jun 21, 2008

Cameron, Betty, Leah + Jordan

I LOVE photographing people! Absolutely LOVE it! And there's something really wonderful about spending a few hours with a family with older children, especially a family like this. It must be so amazingly awesome to see your children blossom into wonderful young adults + to know that all your hard work has paid off. Today's session was such a delight!

Betty + Cameron go to our church (Grace). Betty works in the children's department with our boys + Cameron helps us find our seats, and both are such a joy!

Today I got to know their children, Leah + Jordan. Ever heard the saying, "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree?" The instant we started the shoot, it was like we just clicked (pardon the pun).

Thank you! See you tomorrow.