Aug 30, 2008


Just out for a ride yesterday morning.

I was thinking this would be really easy, but actually, I was wishing I had my mountain bike with me, with larger tires + a much larger seat to put my feet on + not as wobbly as a road bike. But boy, was it ever FUN!

So... who took these photos you may be wondering? There are some EXCITING things happening here at TWP! Yes, we're undergoing some really WONDERFUL, AMAZING, I'M-ABOUT-TO-BURST-WITH-EXCITEMENT changes! But you'll have to wait a few more weeks until the BIG news is officially announced. So stay tuned...

* Kids, don't try this at home or anywhere + ALWAYS wear a helmet! :)

Aug 28, 2008


9 month old Carroll is... well, you'll see. She's absolutely adorable! She has HUGE blue eyes + those big baby rolls that you just want to squeeze. It was so fun to get to meet little Carroll + her mom, Flora, today. I look forward to hopefully doing many more shots of little Carroll as she grows through the years.

One of the best things about heading out to Southern Pines on a photo shoot, is knowing that I'll probably get to have a short visit with my friend Mary Taylor. Mary works at The Lyne's Den, located across from the Ice Cream Parlor on NW Broad Street. Nearly every time I'm down that way, I see Mary + we catch up on what's happening. This time, I had a request... She has some incredible chairs in the shop + I wanted to borrow one for little Carroll's shoot. Sure enough, Mary helped me find just the right one. This chair was AMAZING + so was little Carroll.... perfect fit! Thanks, Mary! Here are a few photos...

I love seeing her reflection in this shot...

Carroll + Flora... so fun to meet you!!!


Aug 27, 2008

Chris + Jenn

Here are some more photos of the FABULOUS Waugh Wedding! I was sitting here looking through their photos + remembering what was happening in each one. Then my mind started to wander... thinking back to their e-session (engagement shoot) + all the fun I had photographing them on that day, too. And then I started thinking about the night at Starbucks when I first met Jenn. Then, this past Sunday at church when I saw Chris + Jenn, it was like family reuniting! Seeing them just brought such a great joy to my heart! I LOVE my job! I have so many dear, sweet friends that I've met because of a photo shoot.

Aug 25, 2008


A few days ago, I photographed my little buddy, Eli (who just turned 2!). Eli's big sister Eden (5) came along on the shoot, but we were going to focus mostly on Eli. We headed out to Aberdeen on our photography adventure. Eli had his horse with him, so it seemed only fitting to stop by Aberdeen Supply Co. for some photos. Little did we know, we were in for quite the treat! The Supply Co. is the home of Rocky the Rooster + he was ready + willing to have his photo taken... (and I must say, he's very photogenic!) ...

Then, dressed in his 70's duds, with a painted brick wall + a tan van from the 80s...

... Eli rocked out!

Aug 22, 2008


I have the BEST family! Recently when our family from Michigan came down for a visit, the guys headed out to the driving range to hit some balls. Here are a few shots...

And here's one of our adorable little Houston...

Beth, Jeff's sister, saw a photo just like this one that I took of another family (you may have seen it on the BLOG). She liked it so much that we decided to do the same shot with her family... They are SO cute!

Please COME BACK!!! We miss you!!!