Sep 28, 2008

FREE photo shoot!

We're having a CONTEST!

Ok, ladies... THIS is for YOU!

If you're anything like the women here at TWP, then you probably have MANY photos of your family, yet very few photos of you. So we're having a CONTEST! We'd like to photograph YOU with 3 - 4 of your girl friends!

Write to us + tell us why you and your girl friends should be photographed. Entries will be judged by the women here at TWP (Tina, Jodi + Jodi). The entry that does the best job convincing us that they are MOST deserving of this photo shoot, will be announced the winner! The winning lady, along with 3 - 4 of her girl friends, will get to be photographed by Tina + Jodi. The photo shoot will take place in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area of NC. Each lady in the group will then receive a CD with approximately 30 photos on it to keep.

All entries should be submitted by October 27th, via e-mail to Tina's e-mail (found in the yellow menu bar at the top).


Sep 26, 2008

Angel + Jessica

Yesterday I was able to tag along with Jodi on one of her photo shoots and it was so much fun! I was there just to help out Jodi (NOT that she NEEDS any help!), but Jessica + Angel were so funny that I just couldn't stop myself from getting my camera out of my bag + shooting a few! But these are all I'm going to show you.... You can check out Jodi's BLOG to see the AWESOME photos that she took. (To view her BLOG, put your mouse over "SITES" in the yellow bar at the top, and then scroll down to "Jodi's BLOG.")

Sep 20, 2008

Will + Jackson

This morning I headed out to the beautiful home of Justin + Elizabeth to photograph their very fun family. You may remember them from last year. Their "Throwing Jackson Between Parents" photo was probably my most talked about photo of the year! And even a few weeks ago, I was, once again, asked by a family to try to replicate that photo.

Today's shoot was early, trying to fit it in before soccer games + the grass was wet + it was actually a little chilly out (mostly after my pants got wet from lying in the wet grass to get some photos). But it was still a great shoot! Will (6) + Jackson (5) are SO FUN to photograph. They do the funniest things! And they are SO CUTE together!

Oh, and yesterday I did Lynn's bridal shoot. She's getting married in 3 weeks to Kirk + I am so excited about photographing their wedding. She showed up yesterday with her hair + make-up done, her wedding gown on, + she looked AMAZING!!! I sure wish I could BLOG her photos, but for obvious reasons, I'll need to wait until after the wedding for that. Here are a few shots from today's shoot with the adorable Will + Jackson...

I didn't tell Jackson to kiss his brother... he just did it. SO CUTE!

Thanks! It was fun!

Sep 18, 2008

About Us : The Team @ TWP

Hi there! We are photographers based out of Pinehurst, NC.


I will do just about anything to get a great shot. I have gone out in the water, soaking my shorts + later my car seat, I have stained my clothes on railroad tracks, I have placed my head next to an ant pile + you should see some of the things I have balanced + climbed on. My PE degree has really come in handy!

I wish my name was Audrey. I LOVE that name. Some day I’m going to get up the courage to give the people at Panera that name, just so I can hear it announced over the loud speaker.

The best part for me about being a photographer is all of the amazing friendships that I have gained because of a photo shoot. I find it hard to say, “my clients,” because it seems more accurate to describe them as “my friends” … friends that have become so dear to me!

The worst part (if there is any) is that I find it harder to concentrate on what people are saying… I’m too busy studying how the light is bouncing off their eyes.

I have not been to a salon in about 10 years. Too expensive, so I just cut it myself + honestly, I have NO IDEA what I am doing. Maybe that is why I’d rather be BEHIND the lens.

I am married to my best friend. We are SO MUCH alike, I tease him that he is the boy version of me. We met on e-Harmony. Jeff inspires me to be better, to love harder, + to sacrifice greater. He’s definitely the better version!

I photograph on location, but I do all of my scheduling, editing + planning here in my home office. Jeff also works from home and we share an office… on purpose! I never get tired of being around him.

I love, love, LOVE to laugh + no one makes me laugh more than Jeff! He’s even funny in the e-mails he sends me.

I drink soda about 3 times a year. Pepsi. I never crave it until then. But when that craving comes over me, WOW it tastes good!

I have the most amazing family! We have 4 fantastic boys. About a year ago, our 13 year old came up with the idea of them all sharing a room. We did it + they still love it!

I never get tired of our boys jumping in bed with us on Saturday mornings. I just wish the cuddling would last a little longer. That wild tickling always seems to come just a little too soon.

Growing up in Seattle, I never thought I’d ever live on the east coast, but we love it here! The thing I miss most about Seattle (besides my family) is all of the beautiful water. The thing I miss the least is all of the rain.

I love working with Jodi, our new company photographer! She’s so fun to photograph… she has so many great looks. I offered to cut her hair and save her some money. That’s when I saw her stern look.

I rarely will ever say no to ice cream. Especially if it has dark chocolate in it. We usually have a bowl each night.

I don’t like to collect things. I think 3 is all I need.

I really enjoy cooking + baking. It relaxes me, even in my kitchen with tricycles wizzing around.

My favorite dinner is salmon with garlic mashed potatoes + steamed vegetables. … or anything Italian.

People usually think I’m much younger than I am. In a few years when I turn 40, I’ll really shock ‘em!

Scary, fast rides at amusement parks scare me, but they sure are fun to photograph!

Jeff + I both love a good latte, especially on a cold morning. We turn our frequent flier miles into Starbucks cards. That’s how much we love them.

I love to laugh. I love to have fun. I love to get big, cushy socks on + see who can slide down the hallway the farthest. I’m very competitive + so I have to keep reminding myself, “Take it easy. He’s only 2.”

Jesus is my rock! He’s my everything and this business is His.


We've just recently added Jodi to our team here at TWP and she's AWESOME! So now, when you need a photo shoot, you’ll have 2 of us to choose from, both offering the same great photography, but Jodi will be priced a little less.

*There’s a link at the top of this main BLOG to Jodi’s BLOG, under the heading “Sites.” So please take the time to check out what she’s been up to. It’s GREAT!

About JODI:

I LOVE taking pictures! FUN! FUN! FUN!

I enjoy dressing up. I try to look trendy on limited funds.

My favorite food group is cheese. Cream cheese, goat cheese, cheese cake, white cheddar chez its (not the low fat ones)…

My biggest rush was going over 100 mph on a snowmobile… The coolist thing ever. Would love to snow cross when I grow up:)

I am older than my husband, but have been told I look younger than my age. Hopefully it stays that way.

Favorite places and fondest memories are places UP NORTH Michigan. The air, the beautiful lakes and the sandy beaches are amazing.

There is nothing better than the coolness of fall (more in the north), my favorite sweatshirt and a college football game. GO BLUE!!! GO STATE! (that one’s for my husband)

Gardening is a form of therapy for me. So is walking around Target.

The greatest worship leader ever, and rising star… my husband Kevin!

I’ve been told my hair styles change more frequent than the weather in Michigan. (My parents are hairdressers ok)

Fun thing to do (when not taking photos) is sewing on my $20 Shark sewing machine making diaper covers and cool burp clothes.

I’m a daddy’s girl (only girl out of 5 so that was a given).

I drove a farm tractor before learning how to drive.

Love all kinds of music except rap.

Bette Midler, Nicole Nordeman, Crystal Lewis, Martina McBride + Colbie Caillat are all awesome!

My 2 children are gifts from God. Eden + Eli bring so much joy and laughter to me and those who know them.

I am amazed everyday that Jesus died on the cross for me and my sins. What a gift!

I love to sing… especially with my husband!

My husband won my heart by bringing me chicken noodle soup (the good kind) and ice cream when I was sick.

Favorite times for me are gatherings that include the 3 F’s… family, friends + food!!!

I have recently learned that I need to be thankful for ALL things + ALL circumstances. A thankful heart brings peace to your life.

I don’t like bananas. Not banana bread, gum, nothing with bananas.

I am good with directions (only need to go there once) and love to drive… (it is a control thing)

I can’t turn down sweets… cookies, cakes, ice cream… Yum! Yum!

I am so blessed!!!!!!!!! TW asked me to work for her!!!!!!


Jodi has been working as my Wedding Assistant for about a year now and she's FANTASTIC! She helps me stay organized and on schedule. I can concentrate on photography without having to look down at my watch. She keeps track of time, calls out the next shots, and is sometimes used as a second shooter. Jodi is what makes your wedding photography go so smoothly. I LOVE her!

About JODI:

One of my favorite things is reading an amazing book while listening to it rain.

I won’t eat any type of fruit pie. Something about soggy fruit just doesn’t sit right with me.

I really enjoy being in the beautiful outdoors whenever possible. I especially love hiking in the mountains.

I have the most fun while hanging out with my family and playing games.

I never get tired of tucking my two children into bed and giving them kisses goodnight.

My addictions include warm, out of the oven, gooey chocolate chip cookies with a cold glass of milk.

People think it’s pretty unusual that I do not have a middle name. No females on my side of the family have one, so we did not give my daughter one either.

I am embarrassed to admit that I still like the New Kids on the Block. Yes, I know that I am over 13.

Rebekah Peterson - Fashion Consultant
Rebekah is one of my new Fashion Consultants! She is FABULOUS! Rebekah can come to your home + help you decide on just the right outfits for you + everyone in the photo shoot, using the clothes + accessories that you already have. She makes you feel at ease + helps you look ULTRA FAB!


I have a degree in Mass Media Communication/Public Relations and a minor in Art from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK

I am a Moore County native

Busyness is my pet peeve. I think our society is over committed and I am often the guiltiest person I know.

I have a passion for aesthetics so I love being involved in the process of making things look good...whether it’s making our bed with gorgeous linens, painting a table, designing a poster, or putting together a kick-butt outfit...I find satisfaction in that.

Ryan and I hope that even after we’ve been married for 50 years that people would still ask us if we’re newlyweds.

I have one addiction: coffee but I also inherited a sweet tooth from my mom

I love sushi but hate rice I work for the local radio & TV station (Star 102.5/WIOZ550Am/Sandhills TV 3) Last year, I was able to have a radio segment dedicated to fashion. I loved encouraging listeners with ideas on how to make the most out a wardrobe, how to dress for their body type, what colors to choose, and even some quick fix-up tips for moms on the go!

I love knowing that the same God who created the Universe cares about all the details in my life and I know from personal experiences that God DOES answer prayers.

I know that beauty is more than skin deep.

I think is heavensent because navigation is not my forte’.

I am thrilled to work for TWP! I look forward to helping people look like the best version of themselves.

Natalie Templeton - Fashion Consultant

Natalie is one of my new Fashion Consultants. She is beautiful both inside + out! Natalie can come to your home + help pick out outfits, using clothing + accessories that you already have, so that you + everyone in your photo shoot look AMAZING! I am certain that you will really enjoy working with Natalie! She is WONDERFUL!


Jesus Christ has been real to me since before I can remember. Supposedly, I used to go around my church praying for people's headaches to go away when I was two. I made a decision for Christ at age seven. He is my best friend.

I genuinely care about the environment. I love to recycle and be resourceful. I enjoy finding ways to reuse things that seem too good to just toss in the trash. It feels like Christmas when they pick up that little green box every week!

I have one year of culinary training under my belt. I decided that I love to cook, but only for family & friends - not for large crowds on holidays and weekends!

I LOVE to experience different kinds of cuisines. I'll try most anything once. My favorites so far are Thai, Moroccan & Japanese (for the sushi!).

I've lived in two very cool places: Durban, South Africa & Savannah, Georgia! I miss them!

I have felt a call on my life to ministry since a young girl. Now my husband and I share this call and hope to give our lives to full time ministry in the near future.

I will one day... master the French language, write & illustrate a children's book, ride in a hot air balloon, record an album, adopt a baby, among other amazing things!

My strongest talent is my voice. I love worshipping through song and drawing people into His holy presence! I am blessed to share this with my husband.

I am an artist. My favorite medium is metal. I love making beautiful, one of a kind jewelry.

I am in love with my new daughter, Adeline Rose. Motherhood is the hardest thing and the best thing I have ever done!

I am head-over-heels for my husband of over four years… wait, maybe marriage is the hardest and best thing… tough call!

I don't chew gum - I think it's gross to chew something you never swallow.

I get sick when people brush their teeth around me. If you want to horrify me, brush your teeth and talk to me at the same time!!

I LOVE to play indoor regulation volleyball! I am actually quite good. I don't like playing on sand. I wish I could play somewhere around here

I eat a lot compared to most women!

I am a hoot to be around. I love making people laugh even if it is AT me. My husband and I share the same sense of humor - thank God!

I am a truth speaker... which gets me into trouble sometimes. I will share intimate/embarrassing/painful things about myself if I know it will spare someone pain and/or console them. I have no skeletons in my closet.

I am all these things and more: scatterbrained, intelligent, caring, funny, self-sacrificing, passionate, strong, wise, forgiving, affectionate, nurturing, optimistic, romantic, loyal, creative, insightful, hardworking, resourceful, thrifty, ambitious, spiritual and surprising.


Dan is the one I go to when I need any help with the web. He's wonderful to work with and he's OUTSTANDING at what he does!

About DAN:

I love to spend time with my wife and family.

I have a degree in life! In May I will have my Web Technologies degree. Then I will continue school to get my Digital Media degree.

I won’t eat seafood.

I enjoy playing guitar, hockey and reading.

I never say no to going out to eat.

My music style is my own.

I enjoy sitting back and seeing my finished project.

I learned how to play guitar on my own as a teenager.

My favorite color is blue.

My addictions include sleeping.

I am a perfectionist in most things, from school to the way the dishwasher needs to be loaded.

I don't enjoy yard work of any kind.

I am so proud to be a father.

Jeff Wrona - BOOK KEEPER

Jeff is my AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL husband and my best friend! He is also known as "the money guy" around here and keeps track of all of the books and taxes for the business.

About JEFF:

I have a degree in Engineering from University of Michigan, but I only used it for one year in my career. Then I went back to school to work in the stock market.

My passion is the stock market (besides my wife). Being “The Money Guy” for TWP is fun too, but the pay isn’t the greatest.

I eat ice cream nearly every night before bed.

My music style is classic rock, but I love many contemporary Christian songs.

I have the most incredible wife! I never get tired of being around her.

The Lord is my rock + the foundation for our family. Any glory or honor goes to Him.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my 13 year old has beat me in most of our cycling races lately. And he’s 85 pounds.

I am so proud of our 4 boys. They’re all on the path to becoming men of God.


EXCITING things are happening here at TWP!

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love… photography, and yet so humbled... because I know that I’m a self-proclaimed “idiot” when it comes to this business. There is so much more for me to learn! But God keeps blessing the business and allowing us to grow more than I ever dreamed.

All this growth means that I need some wonderful individuals to help me out, so the staff here at TWP is growing, too.


One of our newest additions is the wonderfully talented JODI. Jodi is now a company photographer. I’ve been friends with Jodi for about 3 1/2 years now + so I knew her personality would make a great fit with the team! Something that was very important to me was that the photographer have a similar style to mine, and she does. Jodi’s been pretty much a staple around my house this last month as she has been undergoing LOTS of training. We’ve gone through the editing process together, she has accompanied me on several photo shoots + has gone out on shoots without me, as well. Jodi is now ready to be introduced! So now, when you need a photo shoot, you’ll have 2 of us to choose from, both offering the same great photography, but Jodi will be priced a little less. There’s a link at the top of this main BLOG to Jodi’s BLOG, under the heading “Sites.” So please take the time to check out what she’s been up to. It’s GREAT!


Jodi has been working here as an assistant during weddings for over a year now + I LOVE her!!! She’s FABULOUS! Jodi is so organized + efficient + CREATIVE! She is what makes your wedding day photography go so smoothly. Brides, you'll LOVE her! To read more, check her out BIO by clicking on the “ABOUT US” heading at the top.


Dan is such a great guy to work with! He uses words like HTML + CSS + Javascript so that I don’t have to. He’s like the ‘ask Geeves’ of the web. I bombarded Dan with web questions + changes that I’d like to make + he always seems to have the answers. He has an incredible talent for these things! I started photographing Dan + his amazing family 3 years ago + I’ve photographed them a KAZILLION times since then, + I hope to continue to photograph them through the years. So now, if you, too, need some help, you'll know who to contact.

AKA “The Money Guy”

Jeff manages the books + pays the taxes. He’s also my amazing husband + my best friend. You know we’re in love when you choose to share an office!

You can read more about all of us here at TWP by clicking on "About Us" in the yellow menu bar.

Memory Lane

Here are some of my favorite images from this past season... (in no particular order) ...

Memory Lane (part 2)

More favorite images...