Oct 31, 2008

Isabelle + Harper

WOW! What beautiful girls! I had such a fun photo shoot yesterday! I photographed the ADORABLE Isabelle (4) + her SWEET sister Harper (18 mo.), + their parents, Dan + Amanda.

It was my first time meeting this sweet family, yet right when I saw them, I felt like I had already known them. Shortly after setting up a photography appointment with Amanda, she contacted me through Facebook so that I could see photos of her family to help me prepare for the shoot. Great idea! I go into each shoot with photo ideas already planned out based on the interests of the family + the ages of the little ones, but seeing their photos online helped me visualize their shoot even more.

Amanda had warned me about Harper, her 18 month old. She said that Harper is very hard to photograph + that she's scared of strangers... REALLY scared. She figured Harper would probably cling onto her leg the entire time, trying to hide from me. WELL..... THAT didn't happen! To my delight, little Harper came RIGHT UP to me + showed me her boots. And if that wasn't enough, she proceeded to holler, "Tina!" through the entire shoot! It was AWESOME!!! As I was photographing her sister, I could hear, "Tina! Tina! Tina!" in the background. And yes, my head is about 5 times the normal size, still today! THANK YOU, Harper!

It was so nice to get to meet your family! I look forward to getting to photograph you again! It was such a delight!

Oct 30, 2008


A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who entered the contest! The ladies here at TWP got together tonight + read through all of the contest entries. All of them were touching + we were thankful that you've shared these wonderful experiences from your lives with us. THANK YOU!!!

Now, for what you've been waiting for...

Yes, TWO of the entries really touched our hearts the most. Rebecca's entry was our TOP prize... she went into great detail about each of the women in her life that have been there for her, sharing why they have been so important in her life, what sacrifices they've made, and why they deserve this photo shoot. But Sarah's entry really tugged at our hears, too. She talked real specifically about one of the ladies in her life + why she is so thankful for the relationship they have. So we decided that we'd grant 2 photo shoots, one for Rebecca + her girlfriends, and one for Sarah + her girlfriends.

Rebecca + Sarah, please contact us to square up the details.


Oct 23, 2008


13 year old Michela ( I can not BELIEVE she is only 13! ) ROCKED this photo shoot yesterday! I was having so much fun photographing her, I had to tell her mom, "You'll need to tell me when you need to go. I'd want to photograph her all day!"

Michela, that was AWESOME! And it was so fun working with you. You're a real delight!

Ladies, just a reminder... only 3 (THREE!!!) more days to submit an entry for the contest to win a free photo shoot with you + your girlfriends. You'll also get the best photos on CDs for you to keep! To find out the details, click HERE.


WHAT has that Jodi girl been up to???

My amazing, brilliant, fabulous new Company Photographer has added some fantastic new photos here on the BLOG! They're AWESOME! And in regards to Jessica actually getting in the water, I've had NUMEROUS people ask me, "Did she REALLY get in there?" Yes, she really DID! And Jodi has some cool photos from that day to show you, including one that she took of me while I was photographing Jessica in the lake. To check out Jodi's BLOG, mouse over "SITES" in the yellow menu bar + then click on "Jodi's BLOG."

Oct 22, 2008

Tyler + Seth

Tyler + his little brother Seth are ADORABLE! I love, love, LOVE Tyler's red hair + freckles! I could photograph him ALL DAY long! Tyler is in the Chess Club at school + from watching him play, I'm guessing he's REALLY good!

Seth is such a cutie! Here, he's telling me all about a GIANT fish he caught...

I've known Lisa for a few years now, but this was my first time getting to meet Ramey. It was so nice to see the way they interact with each other + with their children. They're GREAT! I can just imagine how fun it must be to live in their household! Tyler + Seth, you are blessed with fantastic parents!
I usually don't post images like this next one... the standard "all-sit-together, look + say cheese" photos, becuase those are not my favorites, AT ALL!!!! But... just to let you know, YES, I usually DO take a few of those of each family, just for that 'standard' Christmas card, you know.

A little running around the house...
And we finished our time with popsicles... "Cheers!"

Thanks for the amazingly fun morning!