Feb 28, 2009

Cooper, Dalton + Brady

Here are some more photos from my shoot with Allyn + her boys...

I LOVE this family! They are SO incredibly WONDERFUL! I have photographed them at least 8 times now + every time, I feel closer + closer to this amazing family. Click HERE or HERE or HERE to view more photos of this family.


Feb 27, 2009

Little Golfers: Cooper + Dalton

I have been wanting to photograph these little golfers ever since I saw them trick-or-treating last October in their golfing outfits. They are SO CUTE!!! You may remember, I just recently photographed Derek, Allyn, + their 3 boys. Click HERE to see photos from their last shoot. But today was a day for the little golfers of the family, Cooper (4) + Dalton (3), so we headed out to the driving range in Pinewild for a little golfing...

Their mom, Allyn, warned me before the shoot that Dalton was outgrowing his outfit. His nickers have now become shorts, + his tummy shows.... All of which just ADDED to their CUTENESS!

While we were there, we met several other golfers, one of which was Clay. He thought it was great to see the young boys out golfing + was happy to give them some pointers...

Thank you Clay!

I had such a wonderful time out there! Thank you Cooper + Dalton!

Feb 22, 2009

The Calendar!

I don't think I have ever been this excited to receive a calendar before! Remember Joey + Sharon? I first met Joey + Sharon when I photographed them back in January for their Engagement Shoot. (Click HERE to see their photos)

When I got home from the shoot, I quickly flipped through the images + picked out one that I liked. I put it on the BLOG as a "Sneak Peek" of what was to come. A little while later, I received a call from Joey, "We are STARING at the photo. We LOVE it! We're SOLD! You're hired! What are you doing March 20th, 2010?"

I told him that actually, I don't even HAVE a 2010 calendar yet. "Well how 'bout we BUY you a 2010 calendar + write our names on March 20th?" he replied.

So yesterday I had the opportunity to head out to their home + to pick up this 2010 calendar that they had purchased for me. Once again, I was BLOWN AWAY by their AWESOMENESS! The calendar was not just a spiral-bound-flip-up, like I was expecting (+ THAT would have been wonderful!). Oh, no... This was a beautiful, leather bound Franklin Covey!

And on the inside... they added their special "Joey + Sharon" touch... I LOVE IT!!!

And if that wasn't enough... Then they showed me their engagement photos that they already had enlarged + hanging in frames in the living room, which of course, warms my heart to no end!

Joey + Sharon, I am THRILLED to be chosen to photograph your wedding! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Feb 20, 2009

TWP Updates!

Exciting things are happening here at TWP! I am about to burst with excitement! I would LOVE to share all of the wonderful details, but I am sorry to say that I must wait a little longer. But I can tell you this... We have just had 3 NEW PEOPLE join our team here at TWP! ....And they are FABULOUS! More details coming SOON!

Feb 18, 2009


Meet Mindy. Yes, she's absolutely BEAUTIFUL on the outside, but, believe it or not, she is even MORE beautiful on the inside. Mindy's parents recently moved across the street from us + we have really enjoyed getting to know them. They are such a WONDERFUL couple + a joy to know. You may remember Mindy's mom, Joanna, from a previous shoot (click HERE to view that).

Yesterday, Jodi + I (along with someone else who I am SO ANXIOUS to tell you about!!!!!) headed out to the Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities to do some indoor photography. We brought Mindy along as our model for the morning. The Weymouth Center is a FANTASTIC place for weddings! (Click HERE + HERE to view a wedding we photographed there last November.) Here are some of Mindy's photos...

I love, love, LOVE Mindy's hair! It's HUGE... naturally! Amazingly INCREDIBLE!

And at the end of our shoot, we were able to hook up with our good friend Natalie. You may remember Natalie from a previous maternity shoot (click HERE to view that). Natalie designs INCREDIBLE jewelry. Here are just 3 of her pieces.... Some time soon I would really like to photograph more of them. They are FANTASTIC!

Thank you Mindy! You were such a great model!!! Hope you enjoy the photos!