Mar 30, 2009


This past weekend, we celebrated Houston turning 3! We decided to have a morning time celebration + present opening, because we were all just too excited about his presents + wanted him to be able to open them early on that day. So, since it was in the morning, a birthday cake just didn't seem to fit, so I quickly changed my plans + made him a pancake tower instead. He didn't seem to mind one bit!

And we wanted to give him three candles to blow out...

And what would a birthday celebration be without Winston's beloved R2DU?

And for those of you who have been out to our home, you know that we have giant signs that we make for nearly every occasion we can think of, + we all pitch in to make the letters...

Happy Birthday Houston! We love you!

Mar 29, 2009


I first met Laurie 2 years ago when I photographed her daughter's wedding. Laurie is WONDERFUL! She has a GREAT personality + has such a heart for the Lord. It was so fun to get to spend my morning with her.

We headed out to the Covington House, the same location where her daughter was married, to take some shots for Laurie's new music CD.

Laurie's CD project is called RESTORE ME - Sounds that soothe. It is a compilation of instrumentals and vocals with flute, violin, cello and piano that are for healing and soothing the soul. All the songs came out of her journey of healing after her husband's death.

Laurie has also written a book. Her website is She speaks to women and men teaching them how to break free of the mindsets and cycles of their mind and life. She also trains other people to minister a prayer/counseling program called Restoring the Foundations. Laurie works with all kinds of issues under the sun - but her specialty is sexual brokenness.

Thanks for the fun shoot, Laurie!

Mar 27, 2009

Hannah + Hayden

I have photographed Hannah + her younger brother, Hayden, several times now, + it is ALWAYS fun! Justin + Charlotte, their WONDERFUL parents, decided to try a little golf for this shoot. We postponed the shoot one hour, due to the THICK fog, but then decided just to go ahead with it, even though the fog persisted, because it didn't look like it would be easy to reschedule. But the fog ended up providing a very fun effect for us...

I LOVE the big dip in the background...

Hannah loves to have her photo taken. She use to be one of two little girls on the front of my old business cards. I LOVE this girl! When she spots me at church, she runs up to me, "Tina! Tina!" ... Makes me feel kind of famous, for just that slight moment. Hannah, thanks for being my biggest little fan!

Thanks for the fun shoot!