May 31, 2009

King's Fifth

A few weeks ago (YES, I am REALLY behind in blogging!!!), I photographed Gavin and his good friend James. You may remember Gavin from a previous shoot with his sister's VW Bus. Click HERE to see those photos.

Gavin and James are both talented musicians / singers. In fact, they are getting jobs all over town, playing in various restaurants. I was able to hear a little of their music while photographing them, and it was WONDERFUL!

Here are some images of the guys from King's Fifth ...

In this next image, you can see James in Gavin's glasses...

When we came across this old pickup for sale, we all knew that it would make for some great shots. I LOVE the $800 plastered across the front of it...

And if anyone is interested in purchasing the truck, you can reach the owner at 910-528-1162.

I took a few extra images near the end of the shoot of just Gavin for his senior photos...

What a GREAT smile!

And I didn't want to leave without taking a shot of the really friendly goat nearby...

THANK YOU Gavin and James! You guys were WONDERFUL to work with and LOTS of fun! I look forward to hearing you play your music around town!

May 28, 2009


I love meeting fun, wonderful people! And I love high school seniors! Rachel and I hit it off right away. She is FABULOUS! She is smart + funny + BEAUTIFUL!

I did something on this shoot that I normally would NEVER do... We started off with NO location in mind. Instead, we just went for a drive, and pulled off the road when we saw something that looked interesting.

When we saw this field, we both knew that it would make for some fun shots. We first got permission from the people in the nearby house, + then we went into the field + began shooting.

A lady bug landed on her finger...

After the field, we were close to Ashley's home (a model you may remember from previous shoots), so we stopped by for a few photos there. I LOVE Rachel's cowboy hat.

Rachel, it was SO GREAT to get to meet you! You were WONDERFUL!

May 22, 2009

Me in Action

I just received some photos from Gisela. While I was photographing her daughter, she took a few of me. They're hilarious! You can see the photos by scrolling down to the bottom of the next post.

May 20, 2009

Gus, Gisela + Dana

Last week I met a most wonderful couple, Gus + Gisela, along with their daughter, Dana. Gus was wonderful to talk with and made me feel right at home. Gisela has a passion for photography, so that was fun. I was able to see some of her photography work (which is WONDERFUL!) + we had plenty to talk about. And Dana owns her own graphic design company, so there is plenty of creativity in their family!

Both Gisela + Dana spend a LOT of time on their laptops, so we thought that would make for some fun photos...

And then they played some cards... I LOVE this series of shots!

And when Dana wasn't looking....

I love the passion in this...

Gus + Gisela live on a lake, so after shooting the family for awhile, I headed down to the dock with Dana, who is AMAZING to photograph! I love, love, LOVE her hair!

This next shot is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of hers...

THANK YOU Gus, Gisela + Dana for a WONDERFUL shoot! I REALLY enjoyed getting to know your dear, sweet family.

Here are some photos that Gisela took of me in action. They're hilarious! Thanks, Gisela! I got quite the laugh!